Untitled 2012 70x55x7cm/27,5x22x3inch composite edition of 5

osama bin laden reliëfportrait

A more than life size middle-relief portrait of the late Osama bin Laden

 3 available.

Each copy is made on demand, casted and handpainted by the artist.

price: €2.800,- (+ shipping costs)

(allow 3-4 weeks plus shipping)

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making of studio 2012

‘You made a portrait of Osama bin Laden. Why him, of all people?’
‘Until his death in 2011 Bin Laden was Public Enemy #1, but despite of that – or maybe because of it – we have very little footage of him. Three or four photographs on the Internet, that’s about it. Seemed like a proper assignment to me.’
‘The way you depicted him, it’s as if he is some kind of saint.’
‘Exactly. And yet it is a realistic portrait, based on just a handful of pictures. Isn’t that ironic?’

from: interview by Peter van der Wal, 2014